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TEACHER-Embedding an image into your Moodle course from a Google Drive folder
TEACHER-Embedding an image into your Moodle course from a Google Drive folder

This article shows teachers how to embed an image into a Moodle course from a Google Drive folder

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Images can be added to a Moodle course anywhere there is a text editor, such as book chapters (pages), quiz and assignment instructions, labels, and topic descriptions. If you're unable to install Google Drive for desktop on your computer, you can embed an image from your WIU Google Drive folder.

For this demonstration, we're going to insert an image stored in a WIU Google Drive folder into a book chapter (page). Remember to first click the Turn editing on from the top right side of your course home page.

Download a copyright-free image. We are going to use an image from Pixabay, which we uploaded to our course folder in WIU Google Drive.

Double click the image in your course folder in WIU Google Drive so the image opens in a browser window.

From the top right of the page, click More actions (1) and then click Open in new window (2).

Click More actions (1) a second time and then click Embed item... (2).

If you see the message, “Only the owner and explicitly shared collaborators have access” when the Embed item window opens, you need to change the permissions of your Google Drive folder or students will not be able to view the image in your course.

Copy the entire embed code by highlighting all the text and using Ctrl + C (PC) or Cmd + C (Mac) to copy the text.

Navigate to your Moodle course, access one of your books, and click the Edit chapter icon (gear icon) to edit the desired page within the book.

Click the Toolbar Toggle button to expand the text editor toolbar.

In the content area, if needed, add text to introduce your image. Below your introductory text, place the cursor where you want to insert the image.

Click Edit HTML source on the bottom row of the toolbar to paste in the image's embed code.

Paste (1) the image embed code by using Ctrl + V (PC) or Cmd + V (Mac).

To change the image size, you need to edit the width and height sizes (2) in the embed code. If your image isn't a standard size like 640 x 480, you can use an image aspect ratio and resizing calculator to get the correct sizes for your image.

Once you're done adjusting the size, click Update (3). Continue editing the page as needed.

Click Save changes. You can now see the embedded image inside the book chapter.

The image will now be displayed in the book chapter. Students can view the image in full screen by clicking the Pop-out icon at the top right of the image window.

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