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TEACHER-Creating a Moodle Online text assignment and linking to a Google Doc
TEACHER-Creating a Moodle Online text assignment and linking to a Google Doc

This article shows teachers how to create a Moodle Online text assignment and link to a Google Doc

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In your Moodle assignment, you can link to worksheets you created as Google Docs.

Access your course folder in WIU Google Drive. Right click the Google Doc worksheet you created (or a copyright-free worksheet) and click Get link.

Verify that the permission is set to Anyone with the link and Viewer. Click Copy link (1). The Google Doc link will be copied to your clipboard. Next, click Done (2).

Open a new tab in your browser, navigate to your Moodle course, and click Turn editing on from the top right of your course home page. Click the section where you want to add an assignment, and then click Add an activity or resource.

Select Assignment.

Click the Toolbar Toggle button to expand the text editor toolbar.

Assignment name: Enter a unique assignment name so that the assignment is easy to locate in the gradebook.

Description: Provide the following instructions on how to complete the assignment.

~ REQUIRED: Per eAcademy course requirements, include the amount of time it will take students to complete the assignment. Also include the number of points the assignment is worth.

~ Tell students to rename the Google Doc title by replacing the words Copy of with their first and last name.

~ Include your WIU email address in the instructions so that students have it easily accessible.

~ Provide students with instructions on what to write in the text box. For example, you could tell students to type the word Completed when submitting the Online text assignment.

~ Write a sentence students will click to open the Google Doc worksheet, select the words (1), and then from the text editor toolbar, click Insert/edit link (2).

In the Link URL field, paste the Google Doc link using Ctrl + V (PC) or Cmd + V (Mac).

IMPORTANT NOTE: At the end of the Google Doc URL, replace the word edit (and all text following edit) with the word copy. This will require each student to make a copy of your Google Doc instead of editing your original document. Here is an example.

Click the drop-down arrow to the right of Target and select Open in new window (_blank). This ensures the document opens in a new window or browser tab and that students don’t accidentally exit out of your course when they close the file window.

Click Insert at the bottom of the Insert/edit link window.

Notice the link turns blue but is not underlined. A link needs to stand out so that it meets accessibility guidelines; therefore, the link needs to be underlined.

Select the words (1) a second time, and from the text editor toolbar, click Underline (Ctrl+U) (2).

This is how the link will now appear to students.

Under Availability settings, select your options.

~ Allow submissions from: Enter the date and time that students can begin working on the assignment.

~ (REQUIRED) Due date: Enter the date and time that the assignment is due.

Under Submission types, select Online text. This will allow students to write the word, Completed, in the text box.

Under Feedback types, select Annotate PDF and Feedback comments.

Under Submission settings, select your options.

Under Grade settings, select your options.

~ Grade: Select Point.

~ Maximum grade: Enter the assignment’s point value.

~ (REQUIRED) Grade category: Select the correct grade category that aligns with your due date.

Select any Restrict access and Activity completion settings.

Click Save and return to course or Save and display. When students click the Google Doc link in the assignment instructions, they will be required to create a copy of the Google Doc.

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