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COACH-Sending an email to one student in Genius
COACH-Sending an email to one student in Genius

This article shows coaches how to send an email to one student in Genius

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Within Genius, you can send emails to one student and can select multiple recipients including the student’s parent or guardian.

After logging into Genius, locate the student’s account. At the top right of the page, enter the student’s name in the Search box, and then click the student’s name to access the account.

From the left navigation menu under Actions, click Send Email.

Template: If desired, choose a template and make any edits. Otherwise, you can skip this selection and create your own email.

Subject: If you select a template, the subject line will fill in automatically. If you did not select a template, enter the email’s subject.

CC Email: If desired, enter only one email address if you want to copy one other person on the email.

Attachment: If desired, include an attachment to your email.

Determine who you want to receive the email.

  1. Guardian: Parent or Guardian listed on the student's account

  2. Affiliation: Main Online Education Advisor (OEA) at the student’s school district

  3. Academic Director: Lori Andrews (previously Rebecca Henderson)

  4. Coach: School staff members who have been assigned to monitor the student's account (e.g., special education teacher, school counselor, learning support teacher)

  5. Dont copy student: You can choose to not copy the student

  6. Send also to Student’s Messages Inbox: Sends the email to the student’s Messages Inbox in Genius

Body: If you selected a template, you can edit the body of the email. Otherwise, type out your message. Use the editing toolbar to make changes to the font, add bullets, or add a hyperlink.

Sample: Click Update Sample below your message to see an email sample that will be sent out. Make any edits as needed and click Update Sample to see your changes.

If satisfied with your email, click Send below the message.

A record of your email will be stored under the Communications section of the student’s account. To view any emails sent via Genius, click View communications.

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