Log into the WIU H5P WordPress site and open the H5P activity you created. At the bottom of the activity, click Reuse.

To learn how to create an H5P activity in WordPress, review the resource: Logging into the WIU H5P WordPress site and creating an H5P activity.

Click Download as an .h5p file. The .h5p file will be downloaded and saved to your Downloads folder.

Log into Genius, click Go to LMS, and then click the computer icon to the left of Moodle. Then, click the course name from the Moodle home page.

From the left navigation menu, click Content bank.

Click Upload.

Click Choose a file…. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the .h5p file into the space provided.

From the File picker, click Upload a file and then click Choose File.

Locate the .h5p file in your Downloads folder and then click Open.

Click Upload this file at the bottom of the File picker window.

Click Save changes. The H5P activity is now added to your course’s Content bank, which allows you to add the H5P activity to your Moodle course.

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