If you currently have worksheets you created that you use in your classroom, then you can re-purpose them in an online learning environment. In this resource, we'll review how to create a Moodle Online text assignment and link to a PDF file.

Please Note: Since some eAcademy students DO NOT have Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel, you will need to offer your worksheets in two formats such as a PDF file and a Word document or Google Doc.

General Steps:

  • Create a link to your worksheet in the assignment description area. Students will open the PDF file and then type the question number and their answer in the text box.

  • An exception may be an upper-level math class. Due to the complexity of their answers, students may not be able to submit answers using Online text. A File submission assignment would be better suited for these types of classes.

These instructions will mainly focus on the step to link to a worksheet in the assignment description area and will briefly list the other assignment settings you’ll need to enable.

Before you begin, you’ll need a PDF file of your worksheet. If you only have a paper copy, use a scanner and save the worksheet as a PDF file.

Remember to click Turn editing on from the top right side of your course home page.

  1. Click the section or topic where you want to add an assignment and then click Add an activity or resource.

  2. Click Assignment.

  3. In the Assignment name field, enter the unique assignment name.

  4. In the Description field, provide clear and conciseinstructions on how to complete the assignment. See below for some instruction suggestions.

When linking to a file, select the words (1) to use as your hyperlink to the file. From the text editor toolbar, click Insert/edit link (2). Additionally, you can include an audio or video file to enhance your instructions.

Here are some instruction suggestions.

  1. Click here to open a PDF file of the assignment. The worksheet will open in a new window. If necessary, re-size the window so you can keep the worksheet visible while answering the questions. You can resize the window by dragging the bottom right corner of the window.

  2. To begin answering questions, click the Add submission button at the bottom of this page. Each question is numbered. When answering in the editing area, type in the question number and then your answer to the question.

  3. Once you’ve completed all the questions, click Save changes and then click Submit assignment at the bottom of the page. Once you click Submit assignment, you won’t be able to resubmit different answers.

  4. I will be notified that you completed the assignment. I will check your answers and then post your grade.

Under Availability, select your options:

  1. Allow submissions from: Enter the date and time that students can begin working on the assignment.

  2. Due date (REQUIRED): Enter the date and time that the assignment is due. The Due date triggers the mechanism that transmits grades to Genius, our student information system. This allows us to accurately report grades to school districts.

  3. Cut-off date (not required): If enabled, students will not be able to submit an assignment after this date without an extension; the button to submit the assignment will no longer be displayed.

Under Submission types, select Online text. If desired, enable the Word limit setting and enter the number of words permitted in the response.

Select your options for the remaining settings.

  1. Feedback types: A best practice is to enable both Annotate PDF and Feedback comments.

  2. Submission settings

    1. Note: If the setting Require students to click the submit button is set to Yes, students must first click Save changes and then Submit assignment to indicate their submission is final. Make sure students are aware of this requirement in your instructions.

  3. Group submission settings

  4. Notifications

  5. Grade

  6. Common module settings

  7. Restrict access

  8. Activity completion

After determining all the assignment settings, click Save and display to view the assignment.

You'll see the assignment instructions and Grading summary. In this example, there are four participants in this course. You can see how many students have submitted the assignment (0), how many assignments need grading (0), the due date, and how much time is remaining until the due date.

Your students will click the assignment title on their course home page. Here is the student view of how the assignment will appear after they click Add submission and how the answers are entered into the text box.

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