For this example, we’ll add a Crossword puzzle activity we created previously and we won’t choose to grade the activity. This way, the H5P activity won’t appear in the Moodle gradebooks. Remember to click Turn editing on from the top right side of your course home page.

Scroll to the topic where you want to add an H5P activity and click Add an activity or resource.

Select H5P (core integration version).

General Settings:

~ Name: In the Name field, enter the H5P activity name, which will be displayed on the course home page.

~ Description: In the Description field, provide clear and concise instructions on how to complete the H5P activity. This is where you can also add an audio or video recording to enhance the written instructions.

  • REQUIRED: Per eAcademy requirements, include the amount of time it will take students to complete the activity.

Package file: Click Add….

From the File picker, select Content bank.

Click the H5P activity you previously created in the Content bank.

H5P Options: The H5P options determine what buttons appear at the bottom of an H5P activity. Decide if you want to select Allow download, Embed button, and/or Copyright button.

  • Allow download: Allows you to download an .h5p file you can add to any Moodle resource or activity that has a text editor.

  • Embed button: Provides you with H5P activity's embed code you can add to the HTML source of any Moodle resource or activity that has a text editor.

  • Copyright button: Permits the learner to view the copyright information you added to any media shown in the activity.

Grade: Here are the default grade settings.

  • Type: Point

  • Maximum grade: 100

  • Grade category: Uncategorized

  • Grade to pass: Blank

If you intend to grade the H5P activity, then determine and select your Grade settings. Make sure to adjust the description to include the number of points the H5P activity is worth. You will need to let students know when the activity is due since H5P activities have no due dates associated with them.

After all students have had a chance to complete the activity, you will need to capture the grades and place them in a placeholder assignment activity. We'll detail these steps in H5P Content Part 2.

For this example, we are going to select None for the Grade Type so that the H5P activity does not appear in the Moodle gradebook and cause issues with grades transferring to Genius reports.

Attempt options: Some H5P activities provide attempt tracking data for items such as number of attempts, responses, and grades. NOTE: Some H5P activities don't provide attempt tracking data. In such cases, editing the Attempt option settings will have no effect.

  • Enable attempt tracking: Default is Yes.

  • Grading method: Since we selected None for the Grade Type, the Grading method is disabled.

    • If you choose to grade the activity, select the Grading method from the drop-down menu. Choices are Highest grade, Average grade, Last attempt, First attempt, and Don't calculate a grade.

  • Review attempts: Select from the two choices: Participants can review their own attempts or Participants cannot review their own attempts.

Common module settings: The Common module settings include controlling the availability (visibility) and assigning the activity to a pre-determined group. Groups are sometimes set up to administer differentiated instruction within the same course.

Restrict access: Restrict access allows you to set conditions that must be met before a particular activity is visible or available to the student. The most common restriction is that a resource must be viewed before an activity can be opened. For example, a student must view a book's instructional content before accessing an activity. This prevents students from jumping directly into an activity.

Activity completion: Activity completion allows you to set conditions that must be met before the activity can be marked as completed. A check mark appears next to the activity on the student's course home page when they meet the criterion. The criterion might be viewing the activity, receiving a certain score, or a student marking it complete.

After determining all the activity settings, click Save and return to course to return to the course home page or click Save and display to view the H5P activity and instructions.

The H5P activity will now be displayed in your course topic.

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