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STUDENT-Completing and submitting an online worksheet in Buzz
STUDENT-Completing and submitting an online worksheet in Buzz

This article shows students how to complete and submit an online worksheet in Buzz

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When working with worksheets in Accelerate Education courses, please install Adobe Acrobat Reader so you can edit the PDF files. Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader (opens in new window).

After accessing your course in Buzz, go to one of your assignments. We’ll use an example from Math 3 A. Read the assignment instructions and then click the Activity button to see the worksheet, which should open in a new tab or window on your computer.

Read the worksheet instructions and use the different tools to complete the worksheet. Check to see if there are additional pages and complete them all.

To change the color and thickness of the drawing tool, click Ink Properties to the right of the Draw icon.

When finished completing the worksheet, click Save.

Your worksheet will be saved in your Downloads folder unless you choose to save it to a different folder.

Click Save.

Go to the end of the lesson to submit your worksheet. Click the plus sign (1), and then click Attach a file (2).


Locate the completed worksheet in your Downloads folder (or the folder where you stored it). Once you locate the worksheet, click the worksheet name (1), and then click Open (2).


Click SUBMIT MY WORK to complete the process and submit your assignment. If required for the assignment, upload any additional worksheets following the steps above.

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