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STUDENT-Using the DocHub PDF editor for a Schoology assignment
STUDENT-Using the DocHub PDF editor for a Schoology assignment

This article shows students how to use the DocHub PDF editor for a Schoology assignment

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PDF editors allow you to fill out PDF forms, add text, and draw images on PDF documents. DocHub has a free extension you can add to your Google Chrome browser. You’ll need to add the DocHub extension to Google Chrome and then create a free DocHub account. Click this link to learn how to add the DocHub extension to Google Chrome and how to create a free DocHub account.

After creating your free DocHub account, you’ll be able to complete an assignment in Schoology that requires you to edit a PDF file.

Access your course in Schoology and click the assignment name. Here’s an example.

Click the PDF file name to have the file download to the Downloads folder on your computer. If desired, you can locate the file in your Downloads folder and then move it to a different folder.

Go to and click Sign in or Log in to your DocHub to log into your free account.

Click New Document to import a new document into DocHub.

Click Upload, locate the PDF file that you downloaded to your Downloads folder or alternative folder, and then click Open. The PDF file will be imported into DocHub. You can also drag and drop the PDF file into the gray area or click one of the other locations to find your saved document.

Use the DocHub editing tools to add your answers to the worksheet.

TEXT: For example, to type text, click A and draw a text box where you want to insert your answer.


Type your answer in the text box. You can then move the text box or delete it. Draw another text box somewhere else on the page to enter the next response.

When finished adding your answers, click the menu icon (1) on the far right side of the page (three horizontal lines), and then click Download / Export… (2).

Select the location (1) in which you want to save the PDF file and then click Download (2).

If you selected Computer, the file will be downloaded and saved to your Downloads folder.

If using the Firefox browser, you can check the box next to Do this automatically for files like this from now on and then click OK. This will save PDF files to your Downloads folder each time you edit a PDF using DocHub.

After you’ve downloaded your edited PDF file, click Submit Assignment under Submissions.

Click Upload.

Click File.

Locate the PDF file on your computer and click once to select it. Then, click Open.

Add a comment, which is optional, and then click Submit.

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