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STUDENT-Submitting a Google Drive Assignment in Schoology
STUDENT-Submitting a Google Drive Assignment in Schoology

This article shows students how to submit a Google Drive Assignment in Schoology

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From the Schoology Course Dashboard, click your course name and then navigate to an assignment.

Locate the assignment and click the assignment name.

Read the assignment instructions under the Description (1). When ready, click My Document (2) to view the Google Drive file your teacher attached. It may take a few moments for the file to appear.

Complete the assignment by typing directly in the file. If needed, use the text editor toolbar to bold, italicize, or underline text; highlight text; insert a link; add a bulleted list; and more.

When you are finished, click Submit Assignment at the top of the page.

Click Yes, submit if you are finished. If you want to continue working on the assignment, click Nevermind, not yet.

After clicking Yes, submit, click Done.

Until the Due Date, you can choose to edit the assignment again by clicking Unsubmit at the top right. After the Due Date, you will only be able to comment on the assignment and can no longer edit it.

Use the breadcrumb trail at the top left to return to the weekly topic or the course landing page.

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