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GUARDIAN/PARENT-Viewing teacher feedback for graded items in Schoology
GUARDIAN/PARENT-Viewing teacher feedback for graded items in Schoology

This article shows guardians/parents how to view teacher feedback for graded items in Schoology

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  • You may want to copy and paste the usernames and passwords into the fields of each login page.

  • Be very careful when copying the information so that you don't copy an extra space before or after the information. An extra space will result in an error message.

  • To make it easier for yourself, you can bookmark the login page for Genius and Schoology and have your browser remember your usernames and passwords for each site.

Go to the eAcademy™ website ( and click eAcademy Users Login Here! or click Login from the top menu bar.

Click the student’s school district name.

Login: Enter your login name provided to you by the school’s Online Education Advisor (OEA).

Password: Enter the password provided to you by the OEA. If you forgot the password, please contact the OEA for assistance or submit a Help Desk Ticket.

Click Sign me in.

From the left menu on the Genius home page, click Go to LMS.

Click the computer icon to the left of Schoology at the top of the list.

Log into Schoology with the username and password provided to you. Notice the school name is Westmoreland Intermediate Unit 07 Greensburg, PA.

From the Schoology home page, click GRADES and then click Grade Report.

Click one of the student’s course names.

Any comments the teacher entered for graded items appear in the right column of the gradebook.

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