If your web designer has 5 minutes, your WizeHire ads can be LIVE on your website’s Careers Page!

Click on your company name in the top right of your main dashboard. Click 'Settings.'

On the left, click the 'Integrations' tab.

Scroll down, and you'll find the code you need to copy.

Share the code with your web guru.

We’ve set you up with a dynamic link. When you open and close ads, your website will automatically update!

You can customize the code, too:

By using the following variables, you can modify the look and feel to match your site:

  • wizeHireJobRollWidth

  • wizeHireJobRollBorder

  • wizeHireJobRollFontFamily

  • wizeHireJobRollBackgroundColor

You can also change the title and maximum number of jobs:

  • wizeHireJobRollTitle

  • wizeHireJobRollMaxJobs

For example, if you add this information before the job widget script tag, the widget will become wider, and the border will turn red.


window.wizeHireJobRollWidth = '100%'

window.wizeHireJobRollBorder = '1px solid red';


Do you use WizeHire to hire for multiple companies? You can choose whether you want to display ads for all companies or only your main account on your company’s webpage using this checkbox:

Click the chat bubble in the bottom right if you run into any questions or issues along the way, we’re happy to assist.

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