What is a deliverability report?
How does it work?
Why did we introduce it?
Where can I find my deliverability report?
What does deliverability mean and why is it important?

What is a deliverability report?

Now, when connecting your email account, Woodpecker checks if your domain is correctly configured.

How does it work?

Click the DELIVERABILITY REPORT button to visit your deliverability tab.

How to read results

Green tick Everything looks fine. Your domain settings are correct. To update the results click the refresh button. That means your SPF and DKIM records are valid, test OK.

Red × It looks like your domain settings are not correctly configured. Wrong records, the test failed. The SPF and DKIM records need to be updated.

Minus, no infoWe could not validate your domain settings. Try to refresh later or contact support. Results couldn't be collected due to temporary issues. Read more »

Why did we introduce the report?

To make you aware of the deliverability parameters. Here you can check the correctness of the set SPF and DKIM records. This is a report from the connection moment. You can refresh it afterward.

Where can I find my deliverability report?

Your deliverability report is available in the Deliverability tab.

  1. Go to "Settings".

  2. Open the "Email Accounts" tab.

  3. Click "Deliverability".

What does deliverability mean? Why is it important?

Deliverability is the number of emails that have reached the recipients' inboxes compared to the number of sent messages overall. The goal is to have as many of your emails land in your prospects' inboxes rather than going to spam folders. To ensure high deliverability rates, make sure you set up SPF and DKIM correctly. Also, don't forget about the domain and email address warm-up. Learn more »


My domain settings couldn't be verified. Why?

Woodpecker couldn't verify your settings due to a temporary issue. Click the 'Refresh' button to check your settings again. Give it some time. If the test failed, please update your domain settings and then try over again.

The refresh button doesn't work. Why?

You can't refresh the results because your email is disconnected. Reconnect your email. Read more »

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