Woodpecker email editor

1. Aligning text
2. Inserting/editing links
3. HTML view
4. Snippets
5. Open tracking

1. Align your text to the left, center, or right.

Please note: numbered lists won’t get aligned.

2. Insert and edit links right in the editor.

Click on the Insert/edit link icon.

Add a URL and text. To edit your link, click on the icon again, make changes and click 'Save'.

3. Switch from the Text view to HTML view.

4. Insert custom fields – our snippets.

You can access the snippets by clicking on the blue curly brackets {{}}. Learn more about snippets »

5. Turn on/off open tracking

To enable open tracking click on the eye icon in the right-hand corner. Have a look at our guide to tracking open rates in Woodpecker »

Remember, that the final look of the email will depend on your prospects' settings in their mailboxes.

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