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Woovit missed my Video!
Woovit missed my Video!
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Oops! We want to be sure we get it. Most videos should be "caught" by our crawler in 5 minutes or less and then "marked as delivered" for both your account and the publisher. If it has been 24 hours, something is amiss.ย 

Here's a checklist that can help us resolve this quickly:

  1. Make sure the account we missed the video is connected to Woovit. We won't get your YouTube video if only the Twitch account is connected. In the case of YouTube, is the YouTube account you connected the same one you posted the video to?

  2. Please check that the name of the campaign exactly matches the game name. We encourage publishers to put up common variants of their offers' names but that can't be exhaustive.

  3. Have you changed the ID/name of the channel since you first connected to Woovit? You may need to check your channel is properly connected.

But if you've done all that, and we missed it, you can easily manually select a video/stream from your channel as coverage.

Go to your Accepted Offers tab, and open the offer of the campaign you covered. Head to the bottom of the "How to Deliver" section and click "select it manually" and you'll be presented with a list of qualifying videos/streams from your channel to choose from.


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