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Setting Steam Accounts to Public
Setting Steam Accounts to Public
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Steam changed their privacy policies in the spring of 2018. Consequently, we've needed to change how Woovit's software interfaces with Steam. Since then, most of our campaigns with Steam qualifications need your account to be set to "public." If you are seeing errors in your qualifications for this platform, it may be because of the new privacy settings.

Why do we do this?

1. To prevent someone from taking a code to a game they already own

2. See the number of hours played of a game on Steam. This is usually done on Woovit to see if the player should be given downloadable content for that game.

To re-set your qualifications for these campaigns you will either need to make your account Public, or the “Game details” setting Public, for example

1. In the drop down menu of your account name in the upper right of your page after logging in, click the View Profileoption in the drop down menu.

2. Click the Edit Profile link under your displayed badge in the upper right hand corner,

3. click the My Privacy Settings tab.

Each of these should be set to public to maximize your qualification for Woovit offers.

For users that check the box under Inventory "Always keep my total playtime private..." you will likely be ineligible for many DLC offers on Woovit. Those typically check the number of hours played on the base game to see if you qualify.

Woovit only uses this information for campaign qualification and we do not share it “publicly” beyond our internal offer matching system. You may re-set your Steam account to private at any time and we will not be able to ping the Steam servers.

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