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Setting Up a Campaign (Publisher)
Setting Up a Campaign (Publisher)

Publishers with a new account will want to first learn how to set up a campaign. Here's everything you need to know!

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Once signed in, you'll land on the Activity dashboard, where all events for your campaigns will appear. This will be empty until your campaigns are active.

2. Click on Campaigns

Click on Campaigns



4. Choose Automatic or Manual Review

You have a choice between automatically distributing codes to verified, qualified content creators who are interested in your campaign. Or, choose Manual Review if you'd like verified, qualified creators to submit a request that you can approve or reject (upon further examination of their channel content and data).

Choose Automatic or Manual Review

5. Coming Soon

If you choose "Manual Review" in the previous step, you have the option to set up a "Coming Soon" campaign, which you'll use if you don't yet have codes and want to gauge interest for a future launch. Otherwise, choose "My game is out."

Coming Soon

6. Input your campaign name

If your game is on Steam, use the box on the left to pull all details and assets via the Steam API, otherwise input your campaign's title manually in the box on the right.

Input your campaign name

7. Input/edit Description

Add all details of your campaign, including any up front language that will get an interested content creator to take action, describes the campaign and expectations, and any additional pertinent info for your campaign.

Input/edit Description

8. Customize your custom URL slug

This is the link you'll use when corresponding with creators via email, social media, or any other channel outside of Woovit. Customize it to represent your campaign accurately.

Customize your custom URL slug

9. Other Exact Names

Type any additional keyword strings to help our crawler report back on the relevant videos/streams, especially with YouTubers. If you're pushing use of a hashtag, add that here as well!

Other Exact Names

10. Platforms

Choose which platforms for which you'll be offering codes.


11. Adding Assets

Add a Cover image for the campaign, additional supporting images, and links to videos on YouTube. Click NEXT once all is complete.

Adding Assets

12. Platform Requirements

Now select the minimum qualifications for your campaign, checking YouTube and/or Twitch.

Platform Requirements

13. Require prior ownership and play

If you're offering DLC or a sequel, you might choose to require that the creator has played the base game for a minimum amount of time in order to quality (Steam only).

Require prior ownership and play

14. Special Instructions or Additional T&C

Here you can add any additional instructions, embargo info, or other pertinent info that creators must "Accept" in a popup during the application process.

Special Instructions or Additional T&C

15. Creating a Whitelist

This will let you engage with creators who don't meet Woovit's minimum qualifications. It will also allow trustworthy creators to bypass any campaign-specific requirements to ease key distribution. You may create a Whitelist and attach the campaign to it here.

Creating a Whitelist

16. Uploading Codes

Select a platform and upload the appropriate codes by copy/pasting or via CSV. You can do this for multiple platforms, one at a time.

Uploading Codes

17. Campaign Contact (public)

Input your contact information specific to the campaign that you want creators to view in case of questions, issues with a code, etc. This is displayed on the campaign page. Adding a Twitter handle will display the feed.

Campaign Contact (public)

18. Campaign Visibility

Premium accounts will have the option to choose Listed, which will publish the campaign to the creator library for organic discovery. Unlisted campaigns are good for direct engagements, such as via email, social media, forums, and other channels through which you simply share the campaign link (to verify/qualify). While you won't generate organic discovery of your campaign, you can still fully utilize the power of the software to optimize your influencer relations workflow, tracking and reporting.

Campaign Visibility

19. Campaign Notifications

You can choose to receive email alerts regarding your campaign.

Campaign Notifications

20. Scheduling

Click on Setting dates for the campaign is optional. If none are set, the campaign will go live immediately after it's published.


21. Final Review

This is how your campaign will look if published. If everything looks good to go, hit Publish and you're live!

Final Review

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