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Submitting a Project Request
Submitting a Project Request
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You can create a new Project Request very easily in Workgroups DaVinci

  • Click “New Request" in your Requests Widget.

  • Then Click Project Request.

  • Once the Request opens up, fill out all the relevant fields

  • Then, you can begin to add individual Jobs (deliverables) to that request, if applicable. Simply click the New Job button.

  • Fill out the New Job Request form

  • Once you have added all of Jobs that are a part of your Project Request, you will see them in the Jobs List on the Project Request.

  • Once you are done with your Request, click the Save button in the top right of the page.

  • Then click the Submit Request and Yes, Proceed buttons.

  • As with Jobs, you can keep track of your Project Requests via your Requests widget.

If you're following the training plan, please proceed to: Creating a Project with Jobs.

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