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Submitting and Tracking a Request
Submitting and Tracking a Request
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How do you Submit and Track a Request in Workgroups DaVinci. Please review the steps below, or the short video at the bottom of the page.

  • Login to the Portal and click on the 'Requests' tab

  • Click 'New Request' to enter a new Job Request (Standard Edition), or

  • Click 'New Request' and then 'Job Request' to request a Job or 'Project Request' to request a Project (Professional Editions +)

  • Enter pertinent information on the Request Form

  • Click 'Save' to retain information entered

  • Notice that the state of the Request is still 'Draft', but now the option to 'Submit Request' appears

  • When you are ready to submit the Request for approval, click 'Submit Request' (and confirm in the subsequent popup) - notice the status changes now to 'In Review”. This implies the request is now in the queue for the Request Approver to evaluate and either approve or route back for adjustments

If Routed Back for More Information, you will see the Request appear in the 'ToDo' tab of the Requests Widget

  • Click on the Request to open it. If the note icon is yellow (as shown below), it's a sign that some notes were left for you. Click on it to Review (it will appear clear if there aren't any notes present).

  • Make appropriate changes to the Request and click 'Submit Request' to resubmit for approval

If Approved, you will see the Request appear in the 'Approved' tab of the Request Widget

  • This is a sign that your Request has been accepted and that you should await further information from the Production team

Click below to view the "Submitting Requests" video tutorial

If you're following the training plan, please proceed to: Approving Requests in Workgroups DaVinci.

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