Reviewing Proofs
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To Review and Make Your Decision on a Creative Proof, you will either:

  • Click the "Review" button from within the email notification you receive



  • Login to the Portal and click on the 'Proofs' tab

  • If you have several Proofs assigned to you, you will see multiple records in this tab, such as:

  • Click the 'Review' button next to the Proof you wish to Review.

  • Once you click the Review button, in your email or the portal, the proofer will load with the content for review

  • The essential functions you will need to perform are to: 1) annotate the content (using the 'Annotate' toolbar) and 2) Make Your Decision

  • To make an annotation, click the 'Annotate' button to present the toolbar of annotation tools and pick one: Arrow, Box, Freehand, Comment Bubble, Text Selection (only available in PDFs), Ruler, or Color Picker. From there, all you need to do is click/drag/release on the content to place your annotation (and enter a supporting comment in the sidebar).

  • Finally, click 'Save' to log the annotation (or Cancel if you wish to revert)

  • Once you have entered all of your annotations, click the 'Make Your Decision' button and select one of the available options (Approve, Reject, Approve With Changes). Please note: the options presented to you may be limited by your specific configuration

  • You will know you choice was successfully logged when you see it here:

If you're following the training plan, please proceed to: Comparing Proof Versions.

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