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User Preferences
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Certain Preferences can be set by individual users. These include:

  • Changing Passwords (not applicable to users who are setup with Single Sign On)

  • Setting your Locale

  • Controlling certain Application Behaviors

You can access the Preferences by clicking 'Preferences' in the upper right of your web browser:

  • To change your password, you will first need to enter your old password, followed by the new password

  • Location is set by default to the locale of your computer - this setting controls formats for date, time, currency, etc

  • Application Behavior

  • Page to Open After Login: determines which tab of the Portal to load upon login

  • Send Periodic Reminder: determines the frequency of Reminder List proofing emails

  • Preferred Email Format: HTML or Text

  • Number of Find Result Rows per Page: determines the maximum number of records to display per page when using the 'Find Proofs' search feature

  • Number of Recent Items to Show (per Group): determines the maximum number of records to display per page when viewing the Proofs tab

  • Search Hints: clicking 'Show' will present hints for search fields

  • Set 'Track Changes' in Microsoft Office documents: typically it's best to have this set to 'Automatically Set' (Note: we do not guarantee support of this feature)

  • Annotations Color: the color setting for annotations you make in the Proofer

  • User Pic: uploading a picture will make it appear alongside annotations that you create

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