There are two different types of Users in Approval Manager: internal and collaborative.

In a new Approval Manager system, the Administrator is the only person that can create new users. To create users go into the Administration tab, and under the Users, Groups and Permissions section there are links to create each type of user. It is important to know the differences between the two types of users. Internal users are Users that work within your organization and Collaborative Users are users that work outside your organization. External Users typically have more restricted access than Internal Users.

When creating a new User there are a couple of settings that you will need to set. First, there are two ways to notify a new User of their Username and Password. The easiest way is to send them an email right from Approval Manager and allow them to establish their password. The other way is to set the password for the new user, which requires you to let the new user know their username and password.

The other setting is how often the new user will be notified about the proofs they are assigned to review. Your choices are never, daily, every weekday and weekly. The daily and every weekday require a time the email will be sent. The weekly option requires you to set a day of the week and time the email will be sent.

If you would like more information on creating users in Approval Manager, please see this tutorial video.

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