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Adding Jobs to Existing Projects
Adding Jobs to Existing Projects
Written by Don
Updated over a week ago

Once you have begun a Project, you may have need to add additional Jobs to the Project, or link Active Jobs to the Project.
There are a couple ways you can accomplish this.
​Option 1: Adding New Jobs from the Project Record

  • Open the Project Record

  • Click the New Job button

  • You can now fill out all relevant job information

Option 2: Adding New or Existing Jobs to Project from the Job Ticket.

  • Open a new Job by clicking the New Job button in the Jobs Widget

  • OR open an existing job by clicking the job name and number in the Jobs Widget

  • In Edit mode, click the ellipsis button next to the Project line

  • Select the Project from the list

  • Now, you will be able to see the Project Populated on the Project Line

  • And, the Job will be added to the Job list in the Project Record

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