Dashboards: Setup & Navigation
Written by Don
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The Dashboard is a tool that allows you to view information from various 'areas' in the database in one, consolidated screen. Your Dashboard is composed of Widgets. A widget represents one of these 'areas'. When you login to Workgroups for the first time, typically your Dashboard is empty, so you will need to add some Widgets

  • Click 'Dashboard' from the Application Menu

  • Click 'Add Widget'

  • Select the Widget you wish to add from the popup menu

You will then see the widget populate on the Dashboard

You can continue to add additional Widgets (they will appear at the bottom of the Dashboard).

You can also:

  • minimize the Widget by clicking the 'minus' icon:

  • remove the Widget by clicking the gear icon and selecting 'Remove widget'

  • shrink/expand the widget by clicking and dragging on the lower border

  • drag the widget (to reorder on the Dashboard) by clicking and dragging on the upper border

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