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Shared Files: Overview & Navigation
Shared Files: Overview & Navigation
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Shared Files are files that are part of the Job Record - they can be found by opening a Job Record and clicking the 'Shared Files' tab

There are four subsections to Shared Files: Deliverables, Customer Files, Proofs, and Attachments:

  • Deliverables: this folder is meant to hold your deliverable files (final files, etc). In addition, when using upload tags for proofing files (see Uploading Files for Proofing for more information), you will see those files automatically appear in this folder as well.

  • Customer Files: this folder will hold files that are attached to Job Requests in the Customer Files File Collector:

  • Proof: a quick link to the associated proof record is located here for convenience. Clicking 'Open' will open the proof record in your web browser:

  • Attachments: the folder serves as a catch-all for other job related files that do not seem appropriate to place in Deliverables or Customer Files.

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