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Uploading Files for Review in the Proofer
Uploading Files for Review in the Proofer
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  • There are two general approaches that can be leveraged to upload files for proofing - 1) our traditional upload process, or 2) a newer, 'tag' based upload process

  • Regardless of the approach chosen, the following assumes that users have been granted the correct permissions to upload files (e.g. membership in the 'Content Creators' predefined group)

Traditional Process

  • For any Production type activity, the user has ability to upload files for review by clicking the 'Upload Files' button (located on the Activity Details popup window, accessible by clicking the name of the activity):

  • Clicking the 'Upload Files' button presents the user with our traditional file collector. Users may choose to add files and/or URLs here, as well as control whether files should be considered new files or versions of existing files

  • Note the Version number listed on the file - in the example above, we can see that we are currently on Version 2 of the file 'Template1.pdf'. This implies that during the proofing process, a decision will be made on Version 2 of this file (since the round containing Version 1 has already been completed). Another visual indicator that a version has been uploaded correctly is the 'connecting' line located on the left side of the screenshot.

  • If the user uploads a file with a filename that matches exactly the name of a file already in the collector, it will automatically be considered a new version of that file (and linked appropriately). If a file uploaded is intended to be a new version of an existing file, but named differently, the interface supports 'dragging' that new file on top of the prior version. Doing so will create the appropriate version linkage.

  • Once the appropriate file(s) upload is complete, simply click 'Save' to retain these files and proceed to finishing your activity

 Tag-Based Upload Process

  • This approach simplifies the upload process for the end user by providing controls for file upload within the Finish Activity confirmation window. This is accomplished through the creation of an 'upload' tag (named 'Upload for Proofing' in the example below), and placing that tag on appropriate activity steps on the schedule (where a file upload should occur):

  • With this tag present, when the user attempts to click 'Finish' on the activity, they are presented with a expanded version of the confirmation screen:

  • Notice that the 'Yes, Proceed' button is grayed out at this time, since there are no files present - this helps to force the user to upload content (something not enforceable in the Traditional Process)

  • Clicking the “+” supports adding new files. Do NOT click the “+” to upload a new version of an existing file. Instead, this can be accomplished by clicking the thumbnail of the existing file and selecting 'New Version' in the pop up menu (and selecting File or URL appropriately):

  • Once again, as a way to determine if the new version is being uploaded correctly, there are visual indicators in the window:

  • Click 'Upload', wait for the process to complete, and then proceed to finishing the activity

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