Digital Resources & Metadata
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The Digital Resource Form serves as a display for asset information. It displays properties, keywords, text content, etc for files that are part of your Production Files.

  • When files are added to the Production Files folder for a Job, you will typically see this processing window

  • As the file processes, it is being scanned for pertinent information (metadata) - this information can then be found on the Digital Resource Form

  • Once processing is complete, you will see the file in the Production Files view - right clicking on it will present an option to 'Open Ticket'ย 


  • Click 'Open Ticket' - this will open the Digital Resource Form that is tied to this file

  • The above form is divided into two general sections: File Properties and Media Information. File Properties are characteristics such as file name, timestamps, location, filetype, etc. Media Information is a combination of user defined information (Keywords and Notes) and information that is picked up through scanning the file (text content)

  • The Digital Resource Search Find can be leveraged when you want to search for such information. Click Finds > Storage Management > Digital Resource Search:

  • Specify the search parameters that you wish to query and click 'Search' to return results

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