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Production Files: Overview & Navigation
Production Files: Overview & Navigation
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Production Files are the working files (InDesign, PhotoShop, Premiere, etc.) used throughout the creative process. They are ultimately stored on your local file server, but accessible in the Job Record, in the "Production Files" tab.

  • Effectively, "Production Files" serves as Digital Asset Management tool and portal to catalog, order and access your digital assets and working files for jobs.  And, because the system indexes the Metadata for each "Production File," Workgroups provides an excellent search engine for your job assets

  • Once "Production Files" are set up, you will see a recommended folder to be created each time you open a job.  Click "Accept" and Workgroups DaVinci will create the Folder on your server.   

  • Click more for additional folder creation options. 

  • For example, if you have already created a folder on your machine, you can link it to the job here. 

  • Once you have created or linked the folder(s) on your server, you will be able to see all files in the folder, as well as drag and drop files directly into the "Production Files"

  • Right-Clicking on the file allows you to "Open," "Open the Server Folder," "Check-In/Check-Out," and   review the "Properties" or metadata the system has indexed (metadata include file information like the person who uploaded, any keywords assigned, text in the file, etc.)

  • To adjust the view or layout of your information, click here for layout and sorting options. 

  • If you have added files on the Server instead of through "Production Files," sync or refresh here.

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