Editing Your Schedule
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There are many items you can edit on the Schedule

The four most common items to edit are:

  1. The Schedule Template

  2. The Schedule's Planned Start and Finish Dates, or the Activities Planned Start and End dates

  3. Change or Add Role Assignments

  4. Activity Tags

Editing Schedule Template

On the Schedule Tab you can change Schedule Templates from the list of Templates in your system.

  • To do this when in Edit Mode simply click the drop-down arrow next to the Template's name, then select the Template's name

  • Note: It is best to clear the workflow and schedule before applying a new template.

Editing Planned Start and End dates

You can set the Planned Start and End dates for the entire Job by using Set Plan under the Schedule Template.

Here you can learn more on how these dates work in the system.

  • While in Edit mode click the Planned Start or Finish text box and select a date.

  • Note: Only set a Planned Start or Finish Date, not both.

  • Click Set Plan after choosing a date.

  • Once Set Plan has been hit, it will populate the schedule with the dates.

You can also set dates for individual activities by:

  • Select Activity on the Schedule

  • Adjust Planned Start or Planned Finish

  • Recalculate dates as needed

  • Recalculating is needed if you wish the other dates on the schedule to be updated when this activity is changed

  • Successors = activities after

  • Predecessors = activities before

Changing or Adding Role Assignments

You can add people to Roles or Assignments on the Schedule.

This can be done in the Role Assignments area or when on a specific Activity

In Role Assignments

  • While in Edit mode click Details

  • Click to Assign for the Roles you wish to Add people to a Role

  • Can also remove them by clicking the 'X' button

  • Once added it will also show their current weeks work load

  • Once added to a Role in Role Assignments they will populate on that role in the Schedule

On Activity

In Edit mode you can assign people to an Activity after selecting the Activity on the Schedule.

  • Select Activity

  • Click on Person's Name or the Role Name

  • Can also be done under Assignments under Schedule by clicking Details...

Adding, Changing or Removing Tags

Tags can be used to set Status, allow for uploading Proof files, and adjusting the color of activities.

(insert link to Tag Overview/deeper explanation)

They can be added to activities by:

  • In Edit Mode select activity that needs a Tag

  • Below Schedule click the drop-down arrow next to Tags

  • Choose Tag(s) that should be added

  • After Adding Tags

  • Save Schedule

If you're following the training plan, please proceed to: Assigning Roles and Resources.

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