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Linking Job and Project Schedules
Linking Job and Project Schedules
Written by Don
Updated over a week ago
  • Workgroups supports the ability to link schedule activities between a Project and the Jobs that are underneath it - this concept is referred to as 'Linked Scheduling'

  • Let's begin by taking a look at a Project Schedule. This project is currently at the 'Kick Off' stage:

  • The production team in this case has decided that the Job Schedules underneath this Project should not begin until the 'Creative Approval' step is complete on the Project. To accomplish this, we have 'linked' these steps. On the Job Schedule, the first step (in this case, 'Design') is set to activate upon completion of Project:Creative Approval

  • Notice that the Job Schedule above is not active yet. This is because of the linkage we have created between the Project and the Job

  • Let's fast forward - now the Creative Approval step on the Project is active

  • Once the 'Creative Approval' step is Finished, the 'Design' step on the Job will activate

  • Please Note: Linked Scheduling in its current implementation has performance limitations. We recommending not having more than ~20-50 Jobs underneath a Project with linked scheduling at this time.

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