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Routing, Activating, & Reactivating Activities
Routing, Activating, & Reactivating Activities
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Workgroups is designed for minimal manual manipulation of the workflow, but we also acknowledge the need for the ability to adjust the schedule when necessary. This can be done by routing, activating, and reactivating activities. Routing a schedule from one activity to the next occurs by 'Finishing' the activity, either through your dashboard or on the Job Ticket/Schedule.

  • To route via the dashboard, locate the activity in your To Do widget and click 'Finish'

  • A pop-up window will be presented on the screen and you can click 'Yes, proceed' to move the schedule to the next activity

The second option for routing is finishing the activity via the Job Ticket/Schedule.

  • Locate the 'Finish' button on the Job Ticket of the desired job

  • Confirm the activity you wish to complete and click 'Finish'

The same pop-up will be presented to complete the activity.

The final location where you can finish an activity is located on the Schedule tab of the job.

Once an activity has been completed, you can also go back to that step and reactivate it.

One way to achieve this is by locating the job in your Jobs widget and clicking 'Route.'

  • Clicking 'Route Back' will manually route the job back to the Job Team Meeting step (previous step)

  • A second option for routing can be achieved by clicking the arrow next to 'Finish' on the Job Ticket

  • You will then be able to select 'Route Manually' which will present another pop-up window with routing options

  • In order to access the 'Route Manually' button, you must be in the Traffic role

  • Click the drop down highlighted below and the list of available activities will be presented

  • Select the activity you wish to route to and click 'Route'

The Job Schedule will then reflect the new current activity and which activities were skipped (indicated by a down arrow)

Lastly, you can also reactivate an activity that was already completed.

  • Click on the check mark next to activity that you would like to reactivate

  • A pop-up window will appear with options for that activity

  • Select 'ACTIVATE this activity now' to move to that step in the workflow

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