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Understanding Workgroups DaVinci
Understanding Workgroups DaVinci
Written by Don
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This article is focused on a general overview of Workgroups DaVinci

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What is Workgroups DaVinci?

- Simply put, Workgroups DaVinci helps Creative Teams:

- Create Workflow Templates, Manage files, control Assignments and more.

- Edit Creative Proofs anywhere easily. Designers are able to easily see these edits and provide new versions to reviewers

- Easily manage, catalog and search your Assets, Finished Documents and Working Files.

- Manage Job Costs, Estimates, Invoicing and Procurements in one place

We do this by bringing your Request Intake, Job/Project Management, Proofing, and Financials into one tool: Workgroups DaVinci!

Within Workgroups, there are a couple critical elements.

  • Much of the time, work is begun with an initial Request or Intake Form being submitted.  Instead of using email or another tool, that Request or Form is filled out and submitted within Workgroups via our Request Portal, a simplified version of the system accessed from within a Web Browser.

  • Once the Request is made, it will be vetted/reviewed and ultimately Approved or Rejected.  

  • If Approved, a Job or Project is created based up on that Request

  • Jobs and Projects are two distinct work types'JOBS are a single deliverable and are the most common and foundational type of work in Workgroups.  Examples include Brochures, Sell Sheets, Advertisements, Web Pages and more.PROJECTS are an initiative with multiple related deliverables (Jobs).  For example, a Trade Show would be a Project and all of the deliverables (logo, table skirt, autoresponder emails, etc.) would be Jobs under the single Project.

Workgroups uses these Request, Jobs, and Projects to manage the work you do every day. For example, each Job is made up of a series of Activities necessary to complete it. This is the Job's Workflow. Workgroups DaVinci uses this Workflow, along with all of the Job Details to guide work.

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