Group Proofs
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  • When uploading multiple files for simultaneous review, we have created what is known as a Group Proof. When their are multiple files present for review, the upload interface should display in this fashion:

  • Click the Review Button in the received Proof Notification.

  • Note: If unsure the Proof is a Group Proof, see if file ends in "and more files"

  • The review interface should appear this way when clicking 'Review':

  • One should note the immediate difference in behavior when compared to reviews of single files, where the single file immediately opens in the Proofing interface (the above screen does not appear in this scenario)

  • In the case of a Group Proof, the user has the ability to mark up each file individually should they choose to do so by clicking on it and making a decision:

  • Decisions can be made on each file should the user choose to do so, but the interface does not require decisions on individual files. In the example below, decisions have been made on all three files (indicated by the colored circles - red = rejected, green = approved, yellow = approved w/ changes). Note - decision options may vary depending on the configuration chosen by your Administrator

  • An important item of note at this point is that a decision still has not been made on this proof. This is a Group Proof, and a Group Decision needs to be made before the Review task will be considered complete. This is accomplished by making a selection to represent what should happen to this group of files:

  • Clicking a decision button will present this interface, where you will confirm your selection by clicking the appropriate button (in this case we will Reject the group):

  • We can then see our decision on the group confirmed in the interface:

  • Once this is completed by all of the appropriate reviewers on this step, the workflow will route accordingly to the next step

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