Comparing Versions
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With multiple versions of a proof file, you can leverage our 'Compare Versions' feature to perform side-by-side comparisons (Note: if only one version of the file is present, this option will not appear - for more information on uploading versions, consult Uploading Files for Review in the Proofer)

  • Within the proof, click the 'Versions' dropdown and select 'Compare Versions'

  • The interface will now become a split screen, allowing you to compare one version to another. You can choose the version to display on either side through the respective dropdown

  • There are four key controls to compare versions: Locked Mode, Overlay Mode, Highlight Changes, and the Slider

  • 'Locked Mode' is on by default, but can easily be undone by clicking the 'lock' icon. Doing so will allow you to rotate the versions independently of each other

  • Toggling 'Overlay Mode' allows you switch from a side-by-side comparison to a layered comparison. You can then use either the Opacity Slider and the Version Slider

  • Toggling 'Highlight Changes' will display the 'differences' between the two versions (once you move the Version Slider to the right)

To exit the 'Compare Versions' feature, click the toggle:

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