Billable Utilization Report
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The Billable Utilization Report compares the Job Charges entered in certain date range (ie. Current Utilization) to the historical Job Charges entered in certain date range (i.e. Historical Utilization).

Supported parameters include:

  • Employee or Department Grouping

  • Current Period - Beginning and End Dates

  • Historical Period - Beginning and End Dates

  • Export in PDF or Excel format

Let's say we wanted to compare billed amounts for employees (ie. Job Charges) in July 2017 with those from July 2016.

  • Enter the parameters above

  • Select an output format (ie. PDF)

  • Click 'Generate':

Note: In this case, there were no charges entered in 2016 for any of those employees. Perhaps this was because the system was not implemented at that time. Or, perhaps because time tracking was not encouraged at that time. Regardless of the reason, reports such as this provide a compelling argument to adopting Workgroups financial tracking features.

If you're following the training plan, please proceed to: Employee Utilization Report.

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