Approval Manager comes with a ‘Getting Started’ video that launches instantly when a new user logs in. The point of the video is to give a general overview of what the software is and how a user can get their company’s proofing process started quickly.

The video that comes with the software is generic enough to work with any company using Approval Manager as their proof management software, but there is also a way to create a custom video specifically branded for your company. Customized videos can be used for a variety of different purposes. First and foremost it will show your company’s users the basics of using Approval Manager with your company’s actual interface, which means any of the custom branding you did to the interface will be displayed as the user views the video. Another purpose for this video could be to show your users a specific way your company prefers to mark up proofs or a specific set of guidelines to follow when creating a proofing workflow.

Creating this video is not as complicated as you might think. You just need software that handles video capturing and editing. Camtasia from Tech Smith Corporation is just one example of the many available software options that will work fine for this purpose.

MetaCommunications has created a short video describing the process of creating a new custom video to replace the getting started video in Approval Manager. This video can be viewed in the MetaCommunications Video Library.

The instructions shown in the video will work for a locally hosted system. For instructions on using a customized video with a cloud-based system, please contact our support team.

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