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Insights Release Notes - December 2020
Insights Release Notes - December 2020

Here's what came out in November

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This article contains the release notes for the latest release of the Enterprise Insights Reporting Module

New Page, New Views!

Thanks to some excellent customer feedback, we've added a new section focused on at-a-glance productivity

Activity Hub

To Do List

The To Do List is the default view for the Activity Hub page. This view is designed around the two main filters at the top: User(s) and/or Role(s)

You can put your name in there to see what's on your plate, what's next, and what types of tasks you're looking at. From here you can visit the jobs without leaving the browser to progress your tasks - no app needed!

You can filter and sort by what's active or next up, what's past due, due today, or due in the future, by reviews or production tasks, and by tasks for jobs, projects, or requests

Calendar View

This view is exactly what you'd expect- enter name(s) or role(s) and see a calendar view of what activities are due and when by month, week, day, or a list view

Active & Upcoming - Grid View

Finished & Cancelled - Grid View

Improvements & enhancements to existing pages:

New Sidebar

All pages now have a sidebar for better navigation and ease of use. From the hamburger menu at the top left you can navigate to other pages.


Job Dashboard

Collapsible Filters

For pages with filters, click the filter icon in the top left to view and set filters. Collapse the filter pop out by clicking the blue "Hide" button.

Jobs - Sidebar Filter

You can filter what's shown on the Job Dashboard by clicking the sidebar icon.

By default, the filters are set to show Jobs that are 'In Progress' and 'Ready to Start'

Also shows the average duration of all selected jobs in days

Request Dashboard

Requests - Sidebar Filter

By default, the filters are set to show Requests that are 'In Review'

Also shows the average turnaround time for all requests in days

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