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Version Compare - Proof Files
Version Compare - Proof Files
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One extremely useful feature of Workgroups DaVinci Enterprise and Approval Manager, is that the system keeps track of every proof version you create on a Job or Standalone Proof.

This is helpful because it provides an audit trail or record of each proof version as well as the decisions that were made (and by whom).

Additionally, you can easily compare current and previous versions of a proof. This can be very useful in making sure that all edits were properly made and that the creative work meets the specs of a job.

Let's learn about version compare:

  • When you are looking at a proof, you can see the version number in the blue button on the top toolbar.

  • Click on it and then click on "Compare Versions"

  • The two most recent versions will open up in "Side by Side."
    (you can compare other versions by clicking each blue button and selecting other versions)

On the top tool bar, you will be able to use your sidebar, export, zoom and annotation controls for each proof as normal.

But. you will also see some new tools. Let's talk about them

  • Click the lock icon if you need to unlock the proofs and view differing pages (ex. you want to look at page 1 of Version 1 and page 3 of Version 2)

  • Click the Overlay icon if you want to view one proof over the top of the other.

  • You can then grab the center line and drag to adjust where the overlay occurs

  • You can also use the opacity slider to bleed up one version through another.

  • Selecting the Flame icon will highlight the changes between the two files.
    (you can use this feature in side by side or overlay)

Highlight Changes in "overlay"

Highlight Changes in "side by side"

  • Finally, to exit version compare, click here.

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