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Its easy to create a new proof in Approval Manager, or a new standalone proof (not tied in with a job or job schedule) in Workgroups DaVinci Enterprise.

Let's learn how:

  • Log into the Approval Manager or Workgroups DaVinci web portal in your Chrome, Edge, Safari or Firefox browser (also works with most recent versions of Internet Explorer)

  • Click on the "Proofs" tab

  • Click "New Proof"

  • The proof ticket will now open up. Fill out all relevant fields on the ticket.
    โ€‹NOTE: You must fill out the "Type" Name and "Managers" fields. All others are optional or are set by default.
    NOTE: Choose "Individual Files" if you are routing only one file, or many files that should all move independently of eachother. Choose "Group" if you want to upload multiple files to be reviewed and approved/rejected together as a group.

  • Once you have filled out the ticket, you will create the workflow.

  • You can create the workflow from scratch, or click "Open" to load a pre-configured workflow template.
    NOTE: You can also click "Save As" if you want to save your workflow as a template for future use.

  • Every workflow will consist of one "Production" stage, where the proof file(s) and versions are uploaded, and one or more "Approval" stages where proofs are reviewed.

  • For more information on proof workflows, please check out this video.

  • Once you have completed the workflow, click "Add" in the upper right of the ticket.

  • The "Files" modal will now pop up and you can choose to:
    - add your proof file
    - add a "placeholder" and load your proof files at a later time
    (to get back simply open the proof and click the "manage" files button)
    - add a live webpage url

  • Pick one of these options and load your proof.

  • Once you have loaded your proof file(s), you can check the "Complete production for uploaded files" box and click "Save."

Congratulations, you have started a proof!

Your reviewers will receive an email notification and will be able to provide feedback and approval on your files.

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