When you or your organization signs up with WorkReels, there are one of three roles you could take on. We'll break them down for you here so you know the roles and responsibilities of each.

WorkReels Roles

Account Owner: The account owner is the person who initially signed up for your organization's account. If you're in this role, you'd be responsible for introducing WorkReels to your organization, getting other members signed on, and promoting the appropriate users to a "Director" role. After those steps are complete, the Account Owner can have as much or as little to do with the creation of their WorkReels as they'd like.

Director: It's helpful to think of WorkReels as if you're making a movie. The Director will be your north star through the process, making creative/casting decisions, handling administrative issues (like scheduling/rescheduling film dates), selecting the right content and guiding the rest of the team through the process of making a movie.

Talent: What's a movie without its cast and crew? The talent is responsible for filming each of the scenes in the storyline. Whether or not you're comfortable in front of the camera you can still be involved in the creation of a WorkReels movie. Help by filming your teammates or recording B-Roll. There's something for everyone.

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