WorkReels is an easy way for companies to make compelling videos featuring the voice of their workforce. Organizations can choose from one of our ready-made storylines or easily customize their own, invite employees and easily review videos.

Companies can use WorkReels for a variety of purposes, from recruiting to customer outreach! And don't worry about other companies stealing talent away, we keep the names of employees out of the movies.

When companies create a WorkReels movie, they own the content for use however they see fit! If they decide not to approve any raw video content for any reason--the content won't see the light of day. Simple as that!

WorkReels is different from products of a similar nature because with WorkReels you'll be creating a full, narrative story. Rather than just a testimonial, WorkReels videos combine talking heads/testimonials of multiple employees with B-Roll or background footage. This helps to keep the viewer engaged and interested in the message you're sharing.

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