Our in-house experts have crafted a Storyline for many occasions, but we realize every team is unique. We wanted you, our customers, to be able to make adjustments as needed. That's why we've made all of our Storylines fully customizable, in addition to being able to start your own Storyline from scratch.

Tip: When you're making your very first WorkReels video, we recommend choosing one of our Storyline templates (and modifying as needed).

Editing or Deleting Scenes

If you've found a question in the Storyline you chose that doesn't quite match with your company or the story you are trying to tell, you can easily remove the question by clicking the More icon (three dots) in the upper right-hand corner.

From here you can delete the scene entirely, or edit the scene. You should edit the scene if you want to change smaller things, like the number of videos required or just a part of the question.

Replacing Scenes

To replace the scene, select the Plus (+) button just above the list of scenes. You'll be prompted to enter information like the Title, Description, Type and whether it's required or not.

For more tips on what to add, see Scene Details.

Request Help From a Storyline Consultant

If you're unsure about starting from scratch, but our pre-made Storylines don't seem quite right, you can always reach out and discuss your goals with a Storyline consultant.

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