Whether you've decided one of our scenes isn't quite right for the story you are trying to tell or you're creating a storyline completely from scratch, you'll want to know what goes into a scene.

Whether you are adding an interview or B-Roll scene, your prompt will tell the talent what they should be filming.

The description often approaches the title in a different way or gives more detail about the prompt.

For the type of scene, you need to choose between a B-Roll scene or an Interview scene. You can find more information about these in the links above.

Next, you'll want to select whether the scene is required. You should select required when you want to be sure you get a response to this specific question. If you've just added this question as a fun option for talent, you can leave the setting as optional.

Finally, you'll want to select the quantity. We recommend requiring at least two videos per scene. This ensures that you'll get something usable for your final video.

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