When you're deciding whether to approve a video for your WorkReels, you have to consider the multiple factors of what makes a good video.

The Content of the Video as well as the Technical Aspect of the Video

You'll want to make sure both of these are good! If you have one without the other, chances are, even if you approve it, the editor won't be able to use it in your WorkReels.


If the video is an interview, the content of the video needs to be on message. You should make sure your coworkers aren't saying anything that directly contradicts with the message of your company.

You should also make sure that there aren't too many long pauses and the message is clear.


Glaring technical issues like bad lighting or bad audio will detract from what the subject is saying. A video could be filled with great content but if it isn't up to snuff technically, WorkReels editors will most likely not be able to use it.

We recommend checking the videos that are uploaded along the way. If a consistent issue is popping up, you’ll be able to address it then and there rather than waiting until the end and having to do a lot of reshoots.

Remember, talent can always visit the WorkReels film school for tips and tricks on how to get good video.

If a video does not meet the standard that you'd like for your WorkReels, select the thumbs down button, this will remove the scene from your storyline and clear the space for someone else to record.

If the scene does work, go ahead and press the thumbs-up button! This will let the WorkReels editors know that you are happy with the video and they can include it in your finalized movie and social clips.

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