If you're filming an interview scene, you should film somewhere with a background that isn't too distracting. Spend time looking at what your camera will actually be recording. Remove or adjust anything that takes attention away from you. If you can, try and find a coworker to take a look at the frame before you start filming! Check to make sure you're positioned in a good spot. You'll want some room above your head so that it isn't cut off if you move around but not too much space that you're wasting valuable real estate. If you can't find someone to check the frame, don't worry! Try recording a short video and then go back to check how it looks!

Make sure you don't film with a window directly behind you! That causes your face to appear in shadow. Instead, let light from the window hit you from the side, that will make you look great!

If you're filming B-Roll footage, then follow the scene instructions to decide where to film! If the scene doesn't tell you, use your best judgement to film somewhere that will really show off what makes your organization great!

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