Groups are a way to further organize the users within your WorkReels account. For a refresher, check out our article on Groups.

If you want to create a new group in WorkReels to organize filming, first go to the profile tab in the lower right corner of your screen (on the app) or the bottom left-hand side of your screen (on the web).

Then from the pop-up menu, you'll want to choose "company."

From there, you should see four different tabs: "Info, Groups, People, and Branding."

Select groups.

From there, you can add a group by hitting the plus button. Then just name your group.

For instance, if you work in a grocery store and you just want a specific department to film for a storyline, you might name the group "Dairy Department."

You'll then select if the group is a department, team, office, or company.

Hit next and your group is created!

You'll then just need to click on your newly created group to add the people you want.

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