Your Storyline will be automatically sent to a WorkReels Editor once all scenes have an approved video.

You'll receive a notification as soon as the Editor uploads their video for your review. You'll find all edited videos on your Storyline's Deliverables tab.

Here you can view and Comment, Approve or Pass on the final videos.

👍 Approve: If you're happy with the video, go ahead and click the thumbs up button!

🛑 Pass: If you'd like to request further edits, click the thumbs down button. Be sure to leave a comment letting the Editor know why.

💬 Comment: If you'd like to provide details for the edits you are requesting, or you just have a question for the Editor, hit the Chat icon to comment and a Director will be notified!

Note: Your first round of edits is on us, so be sure to make the most of it!

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