There may come a time when you want to have multiple directors or different directors for different storylines. Don't worry, we've thought of that!

To "promote" a talent user to a director role, simply navigate to the groups tab under your company profile.

Find the group that is assigned to the storyline that you're filming for (you can always find this information in the storyline details tab), and click on the drop-down menu beside your desired director's name. There you'll be able to choose a new role as director!

Remember, they will only be a director in this group! That means they can only create storylines that feature the other people in this group and if they are part of another group they will not be automatically promoted to director there as well.

You can also demote someone here by following the same steps and just selecting talent.

See a video walk-through below!

Note: only account owners can create groups and promote users to directors.

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