WorkReels videos can be used just about anywhere. Whether that's your website, social media channels, WorkReels videos help you communicate who you are. WorkReels videos come in two sizes: vertical and square. WorkReels does not offer landscape video as that type of video is not ideal for viewing on mobile devices (where a majority of media is consumed nowadays!).

Social Media Clips: Social media clips are designed to be used, you guessed it, on social media. As attention spans have gotten shorter and shorter, short videos have become more and more popular (just look at the rise of TikTok). It is incredibly important to grab your viewer's attention immediately and get your message across quickly.

Vertical videos should be used for TikTok and Instagram Reels. And square videos are great for Facebook, LinkedIn, and your Instagram grid (for now-- this is slated to change in the future).

Short Form Video: These are great to use on your website, in email newsletters, in your job posts, etc. Videos like these are longer so it is better to use them in spots where you already have the attention of your audience.

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