Take One Free Trial:

Take One includes everything you need to make your first WorkReels video. Film as much as you want and receive one free WorkReels social clip for use across your social channels.

Why Take One?

  • See for yourself how easy WorkReels makes filming and producing high-quality recruiting videos.


$1,500 per year

Select WorkReels Star to film three unique stories about your company that will be used to make 12 videos. You receive 9 social clips and 3 WorkReels movies to share with your job seekers.

Why Star?

  • Fresh, authentic and high-impact videos delivered across your social media channels are key to getting and keeping the attention of your ideal candidates.

$5,000 per year

Select WorkReels Superstar to film a new story each month for 48 videos. You receive 36 social clips and 12 WorkReels movies to share with your job seekers.

Why Superstar?

  • Enable teams within your company to make videos for all their talent acquisition needs. Receive preferred access to our Customer Success team.

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