We know filming can be scary, so we've compiled a pretty big list of tips and tricks, but if you just want a quick run down this article is for you! For more detailed tips, go back and look at the rest of the articles in this collection.

  • Always film vertically with the camera up and down to get the best footage for your WorkReels

  • Work in pairs or as a small team – One person can hold the camera, deciding how close or far away the person being filmed should be and also making sure the person being filmed is centered in the recording.

  • There’s a time limit of one minute for each scene – The best answers to interview questions are often 2 to 3 sentences long.

  • It helps to upload content faster if you’re on wifi instead of just a cellular network

  • Start with B-roll scenes to get the hang of filming.

  • Make sure you record B-Roll scenes that aren't too short (at least 10 seconds is a good rule of thumb)

  • Speak naturally – like you’re having a conversation

  • Film and start over as many times as you’d like until you’re comfortable with your recording

  • Pause every now and then to let your words sink in

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